Create your Free Radio program

With spreaker broadcast live to your favorite music, this is a Internet radio service where all the radio stations are created by user-generated content, forming a community of producers and listeners.

The creation of a radio program is easy and free. Spreaker offers all the necessary tools to create content and some others to improve it, as a voice sound, music and sound effects.


There are three simple steps to create the site according to your radio.

  1. Join Spreaker!
  2. Click broadcast
  3. Invite your friends to listen to your program.

Spreaker can be a good place for those just starting in the field of music and want to make their creations. On the other hand, listeners can create their radio stations by simply attaching the programs they like to form a continuous stream of audio.

Transmission can be direct or through podcasts so that listeners can access the program later, so could not be easier.

Visit: Spreaker