CopyTrans Manager: iTunes alternative for Windows

Short News on CopyTrans Manager: Today released a new version, look for the CD cover your online automatically. Quote: How does it work? Simply click Select album Songs in the menu when clicking the right mouse button on Multi-Edit and the tag editor click on "Cover Search". CopyTrans Manager is now looking online for the covers and shows you the found after a short time. Click on the appropriate cover and confirm in the Tag Editor by clicking on the little check mark. That's it!


Who in this blog do not have the iTunes alternative stumbled (Keyword iTunes without an iPod): CopyTrans Manager is a free software for Windows, With their iPod, or iPhone iPad filled with music and videos can.

Compatible devices:

  • iPhone, 3G, 3G and 4 including iOS 4
  • iPod Touch, 2G, 3G and 4G, including iOS 4
  • iPad
  • iPod Nano iPod Nano up to 5G
  • iPod Classic, iPod Video and iPod Photo
  • iPod Shuffle iPod Shuffle 2G to
  • iPod mini
  • Reads formatted iPods for Mac (HFS +)
  • Palm Pre

As you can see: the iPod nano 6G is still missing, but there will certainly be times nachgeschoben an update. Oh yes: CopyTrans Manager is portable,