WeSii, a projector for Wii

Wii console Nintendo Network continues to expand its market and starring in all kinds of accessories curious. On this occasion WeSii announces the release of a Projector specifically designed for this home console.

Its makers have created to connect the console with a projector screen and we can use the machine at any place without a television.


The projector has a set of 10 lumens ANSI and native VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Lamps used LED and LCoS display technology. Moreover, the good news is that there is a unique projector for console Nintendo, But is also compatible with other game consoles such as Xbox 360, Microsoft, and Sony's PlayStation 3. And the support does not end there, so we can use with the iPhone, iPod, DVD player, digital cameras and other mobile devices.

Although the console to work best with the WeSii is Wii, There's no doubt. This is because when you connect the projector to the console is not going to need the sensor bar that comes with the machine. The projector has an IR system that detects the position of the control console automatically.

Still no one knows when or at what price will launch.