Verbatim USB Clip-it, customize your USB memory as you want

Verbatim, the renowned record label, has gone to the field of memory and storage. And now presenting his model Verbatim USB Clip-it, Which can be customized to the smallest detail.

The Clip-it Verbatim USB flash drives are to choose from at our leisure through the company website. Color, number and even the logo are customizable in this gadget Verbatim.


Within the Verbatim page to customize this device, Verbatim USB Clip-it works as follows. First you decide what color will include 7. Then, the capacity, which can be 2 to 4 GB. And finally the logo or inscription will be on it.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of Verbatim USB Clip-it Whether you must make a minimum order of 100 to become effective, but may be a good source of corporate merchandising.