Tips & Cheats Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent reveals some of his secrets with these new tricks. These tips are actually different codes to different effects. That is what give a good reason to be afraid to return in what is certainly one of the best survival horror in recent years.


To activate these codes, you must find your backup file that should look like (C: / Computer / My Documents / Amnesia / Main /). Then click on your profile. Open the backup file to edit with Notepad and press Ctrl + f (shortcut to a quick search). Search Health, Sanity and Oil or the following commands to change the values of health, oil or the mind. For example, change in to increase sharply the amount of oil in your lamp. Your backup will be amended accordingly.

  • Unlimited health
  • Oil Unlimited:
  • Unlimited mind:

Easter eggs

As a first step, get the three end of the game, And find the file "redist" and the file. Rar named "Super_Secret" which requires a special code to be opened. At the end of each game, you normally get a piece of the password, here.

  • End revenge lke271
  • Bad ending: tyr299
  • Bond: odn314
  • Final code to enter the file "Super_Secret" lke271tyr299odn314