Sony could take retaliation against those PS3 hacked

According to Joystiq Sony may be planning to PS3 jailbroken, remotely disable the pirated consoles, Essentially PSN ban. To quote: "Even if you've never subscribed to a PSN account The console communicates with servers Sony each time it starts. This initial charging process is used to load the error logs, the updates of "What's New" module, and a list of the latest business applications, including any management software backup unauthorized”.

Sony has yet to ban any console, to take advantage of Jailbreak, but the terms and conditions PlayStation Network is clear that Sony has the authority to carry them out.

Thanks to the constant feature of the system self-report, "The company still has the means to turn off the console irrevocably, if desired," the representation consoles PS3 unusable affected, Both online and off. But Sony will ever use such a drastic measure, and if so, How the hacker scene to retaliate?

Personally I do not support piracy, however, people who have their PS3 hackedMust find new alternative ways to overcome a furious anti-piracy company, such as Sony.