Nexus One free with Vodafone

The telephone operator Vodafone is preparing to restart a computer that stands out for having the main search American named Google.

This mobile device is known Nexus One and can be free purchase with telephone operator Vodafone, this plan because your competitor is himself Nexus S which is close to being sold, with this Vodafone be the only one to have this terminal exclusively Nexus One.

Within some of the options have to recruitment process and get free device through the portability is the rate @ L, in this plan will pay 80 Euros a month and has 350 minutes of calls, 1,000 minutes of calls and 350 MB Internet Connection.

Nexus One free with Vodafone

Another option is the recruitment of Rate XS where you pay 12 Euros per month and Google phone cost us 270 Euros There are also intermediate prices ranging from 117 Euros to 24 Euros, Although this will always depend on the rate you want.

If you new customer be achieved without cost, and implement the plan or Rate @ XL of 117 euros which includes 1,000 minutes of calls, and even 1GB navigation.

This mobile device Nexus One we can go for 58 Euros, 140 Euros or 330 Euros, if you select the cheapest fare.