Lightroom, Adobe Viewer and Editor

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is an application that serves as a complement for Adobe Photoshop, in this case serves as a powerful picture viewer similar to ACDSee or Xnview but with editing tools much more powerful than those, As might be a light version of Photoshop. Lightroom in addition to an intuitive interface to view our collection of photographs, offering over 60 types of adjustments to your images such as brightness and contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation, color temperature, white balance, etc.

adobe lihtroom

Another interesting features is when we have to print the pictures, giving us several "templates" for distribution at the blade and can cut with ease, making saves on paper. Maybe the only flaw is that Lightroom requires a powerful PC that will be fluid but that's not problem with most modern computers.

Adobe Lightroom is free for limited time, then you have to proceed to checkout, unless ...