Lady Gaga and Polaroid gadgets

hey announced at CES 2010, but the official did not arrive until the CES 2011, a year later. The truth is that since you Gizmos and advised that Lady Gaga had signed a contract with Polaroid to bring to market its line of gadgets.

But now, the news is official. At CES 2011, Polaroid talk about the gadgets that have a starring Lady Gaga. The line is called Grey Label and includes a digital camera, some special glasses and a portable printer.


GreyLabel, Polaroid and seek to sell these particular LadyGaga gadgets at a price not yet known, but perhaps most notably of all are the glasses, which include a central chamber and a pair of 1.5-inch LCD screens on each lens, so you can take pictures and video.

In short, they are eccentricities of marketing, but it sure nothing else is available for sale GreyLabel collection, fans will take to these devices and Polaroid LadyGaga will box.