The iPad 2 could be announced within weeks

Specialized media in the iPad of Apple have daily news and rumors that talk, and the device is generating a lot of feedback from users who expect the presentation of the second generation model. But this time it seems that there are finally dealing with a rumor of importance and value on the date on which official figures revealed the product.

The rumor which has spread in the network suggests that Apple will announce the specifications iPad 2, Which may include an improved screen, front and rear camera and faster processor, at an undetermined point in the next 3-4 weeks.

ipad 2

The date is being moved on February 1, 2011, which fit with the interests of Apple, who has already previously expressed willingness to sell it at an earlier date of April, the month that could put as the stopper the output of the device.

But nobody is aware that a few months will be complex for Apple. Mainly because it also talks about the release in the United States, a new model of iPhone for Verizon telephone operator, including small changes.