Handbreak is updated to version 0.9.5

HandBreak is one of the applications we use to copy movies on Mac, Windows and Linux, which until recently could only be from a video file or a DVD. But this application a couple of days has been updated with the most outstanding innovation that now supports structure of a Blu-Ray but not yet decoded. Some of the innovations it brings are:

  1. Support Blu-Ray structure (no decryption support)
  2. Update Library (x264, ffmpeg)
  3. SSA subtitle support. (Eg burn-in)
  4. Now compatible with MP4 files (Note: limited compatibility Player)
  5. VOBSUB subtitles now supports MP4 files (Note: limited compatibility Player)
  6. Update presets for new devices and improved quality (including the iPhone 4)
  7. AC3 encoding support.
  8. Error correction and many other small improvements
  9. Improved detection of main features of DVD (when using nav dvd)

HandBreak undoubtedly is a great program, and with so many improvements that are making this program is difficult to replace by someone else. If you already have, we invite you to update it, and if you have not downloaded you expect!