Filterbit: Fast online scan for viruses, trojans and worms

I remember some years ago was so difficult to detect the viruses that were exposed to damage computers almost at any time now, thanks to online tools like VirusTotal or that this time we present Filterbit, We can enjoy a safe, fast and very effective test to detect viruses / worms in any file.

Filterbit is a very simple service, which lets you upload files up to 20Mb, to be analyzed with the best security software. The Web service, as readily apparent in the screenshot above, is available only in English.

The scan engines used Filterbit for the job are:

  • AVG Antivirus
  • Clam Antivirus
  • ClamWin
  • Emsisoft-Anti-Malware
  • ESET Antivirus
  • McAfee VirusScan
  • Norman Antivirus
  • Quick Heal Antivirus
  • Sophos Anti-Virus
  • Antivirus SunbeIt
  • Symantec Scanner
  • VirusBuster Scan

With these search engines, you can check if the file that is uploaded is infected by any virus, trojan, malware, or you stop counting. At the bottom Filterbit offers specific information about the file or module that is infected, as well as MD5 and SHA1. When scanners do not detect viruses, and others did in this case, average.

In short, Filterbit this is an excellent online tool to detect viruses in files you want. Just upload the file and he does the rest, and throw the report.