Casio's new electronic dictionary, the XD-B8500BU

On land Japanese the dictionaries electronic pocket are really popular, and are recommended especially for language learners who want to have a tool at hand with which to consult or look up definitions. This sector is full of proposals on land Nipponese, and the rest of the world, although not as important, they are also revealing.

In time for the Japanese maker Casio XD-B8500BU introduced a new model of its electronic dictionary pocket renowned range Ex-Word Practically dominant in this type of product.


XD-B8500BU This includes a good assortment of features, including a reinforced casing to be much more resilient, integrated gyro sensor that will allow us to rotate the screen in an intuitive way to switch from landscape to portrait mode when we are reading a book. It also has improved support for reading files in e-Book And includes about 1,000 books of both classical Japanese literature and the West. As recent data, the Dictionary has a sub-panel with touch technology improved and revamped user interface more than important.

Of course, your LCD screen is in color and has different personalization systems allow users to configure their dictionary in several ways to find it more convenient to consult.