Broadway, the TV in your home on your iPad no matter where you are.

That gadget you can see in the picture, is able to transmit your TV signal, which you see at home, anywhere in the world, and ye receive her in your Apple mobile device, read iPad, iPod and iPhone. Is called Broadway and is a router that makes streaming the TV in your home.

Broadway The device was unveiled at the CES 2011 and allows you to view your home TV on Apple devices provided they have an internet signal. Sounds interesting right?


The truth is that the operation of Broadway is simple. Take your TV signal, the "shrinking" so that it easier to transmit via Internet streaming, and you arrive at your iPad without losing too much quality, quickly.

Perhaps the only thing that I like Broadway is that it is only suitable for devices of the brand of apple, something that other manufacturers should bet, since it is a good option that might interest many users.