Synapse announces a modular mobile with Android 2.2

Despite several interesting proposals modular devices that have occurred, none has done to set in the market. It seems that Synapse wants to change that luck has gone for a phone that runs Android configurable 2.2 and promises interesting features.

The new phone that prepares Synapse is a device whose hardware is configured according to what the user wants, that is, almost like when we buy a car. Base, mobile modular Synapse offers a 4.4-inch multitouch screen and CPU to 1 GHz


The modular mobile of Synapse could include increasing the budget to a EUR 434 antennas 3G and 4G (LTE and WiMax). Bluetooth and WiFi connections seem to be an option in the configuration database, so they are included.

The camera offers an option of up to 12 megapixels (with or without flash). The terminal Synapse also includes exit miniHDM different configurations of memory and AGPS.

As for sight, modular mobile signature Synapse comes with an aluminum chassis, and a rather sober design. Has not yet been released, but it is estimated that the price of base terminal is at 299 euros, higher extras to be added.