Stock is running out of iPhones in China

China seems to state waiting for the new iPhone with much impatience as Unicom company had to leave to clarify that the first shipments of these phones have been sold out in just 4 days, something more than 100,000 iPhones. Things worsen when the device reserves exceed 200,000 , so the next batch arriving in this country will also be sold soon as they arrive .

These sales have been a spectacular record for the brand since the Iphone 3G and 3G managed to sell that amount in just 1 month. The arrival of next shipment will be on October 1 and is predicted to return to selling just as fast. This trend is the increasingly widespread worldwide and that people are abandoning traditional phones and smartphones , which besides being used as a phone may also have more profits and the use of social networks and the advantage of touch screens .