Sharp Galapagos " E-reader or Tablet ?

The company Sharp has presented last week in Japan its new Portable device with which you want to immerse themselves in the struggle of the tablet and E -reader, but although the gadget offers nothing new points to make a start in December sales , which date will be released .


To begin the Galapagos Sharp shows a very rare, and we do not know if it is a E -reader or tablet PC, Which unfortunately was not specified. Sharp Galapagos come in two versions :

  1. widescreen version 5 inches for transportation to anywhere
  2. Screen Version of almost 11 inches perfect for use in home or office

The novelty of this E -reader is that it has an LCD screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels in the 5- inch and 1366 x 800 pixels in 11-inch model , respectivel