MindJack , when more power is in the mind

Is nothing new to say that the scene is overcrowded titles that joined the gender of third-person shooters . But, fortunately , although this kind of over-exploitation of this genre, there are certain companies that are willing to innovate in this field . One is just Square Enix, Who along with Feelplus Japan study has been responsible for developing MindJack. A product that combines science fiction action which can be enjoyed across platforms PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Its release is scheduled for October.

To begin let's see what brings us his story. According to advance by its creators , the story takes place at a future time , on time in 2031 . At that time mankind will find itself in a stage dominated by technology, which will make everything runs at high speed. As usual in this type of security , everything will revolve around the long-awaited quest for world peace, which will be in danger from evil to deal ambitious groups to seize power.

Precisely in this context was chaos and violence the user's skin will such a Jim Corbin, a member of the Federal Agency to be a specific mission. Namely, find and protect a girl named Rebecca Weiss. But that search will run into something unexpected and very dangerous, the organization called nerka , which will handle a weapon that is capable of exerting mind control over the human population. What is interesting is that the protagonist has also focused this peculiar power.

Regarding the latter, should be mentioned that Corbin will be able to hack into the minds of up to three opponents at the same time, so they spend to fight on their side , or you too will be able to take someone's body (robot , soldier , an armed civilian and more) and will control it. The good thing is finally not only benefit from the skills of the other character , but also once they die in the other , just spend the control of the agent again. Finally , both his campaign and the multiplayer mode will feature fifteen levels .