LCDTester , check damaged pixels

LCDTester is a freeware application that can be used to check whether your monitor or screen we burned pixels or damaged.

Sometimes the unexpected often happens ... just after finishing with one of our 3D games , we realize that something does not look good on screen , like a speck , but ... no! Are they in fact were damaged pixels ? How to get out of this doubt ?


The best way is to use software like LCDTester. Because this program allows visual examination of the entire screen . How to use LCDTester is very simple. First we present a button you have to click to start the test. From there LCDTester will show a series of screens with solid colors, starting with white is to black , red , green and blue.

What we must do LCDTester is to pay attention to see if there are dark spots or distorted images , that is an indication that we have damaged or dead pixels .