How to control your computer remotely using Twitter

Need to shutdown, restart , hibernate or lock your PC remotely? for this there are many tools , but this is really funny and simple , it is TweetMyPC, a Windows application that lets you control and access your computer using Twitter , this works by sending a message with the special command for action that are going to make a Twitter account from your PC.


Getting Started TweetMyPC need to follow these steps :

  1. Create a Twitter account for your PC, and be sure to put it as private so that nobody can see the command you send .
  2. Download and install the application TweetMyPC.
  3. TweetMyPC opens and writes the data access Twitter account for your PC and put an email address , this address must be of Gmail.
  4. Ok, lets run the application on your PC and send Tweets from another location with the commands using the Twitter account from your PC.

Some of the command that supports TweetMyPC are:

  • shutdown - Turn off your computer
  • restart - Reboot
  • hibernate - The put in Hibernation Mode
  • lock - Lock the computer, but leaves the listener of new tweets
  • download - You can enter a video or file to be downloaded

You can also create your own commands for further action.