Free resources from your computer when play video games

When we go to play a game, It is best to release all resources possible , especially if your computer does not have the latest hardware available in the market. This can be done with Game XP, Alacrity PC or Game Booster, and today we released a fourth alternative call Fire Game.


Basically , the application performs its task by determining what services and features of Windows will be needed and what can be disabled while playing , releasing more resources to video games. When executed, the first application shows what the current system status , for each of the following parameters:

  1. CPU
  2. RAM Memory
  3. Hard drive ( space)
  4. Video Memory

If you have looked good, and this application lets you defragment the hard drive to optimize . But for that task and have a good application as Disk Speedup. Now we want to play , and the button that will serve to enable a profile for video games is " Turn on Gaming Mode ", but before that we need to create our profile, which we will do with a click on the button " Settings ", located at the top right corner of Fire Game . There you can enable or disable Windows features, such as Windows Media Center services , file sharing over the network , the effect of Aero Glass , Windows Defender , and more.