Farkie : Download all multimedia files from a website

applications that allow us download audio , mp3, Videos, Documents or files for our benefit, which at some point we have served me well. But without a doubt that I share today is a pretty good we can put on top of applications to download .


It is Farkie, A web application that allows download all kinds of multimedia contentExisting in a given web , ie if a web site find video files games Documents, music or audio, this application will detect that content and allow us to download them all. The best that this same application also ns will choose from all multimedia files , the ones we want to download , ie if you have pictures and videos, but we just need all the photos and that is where FarkieWe will choose only download this content.

The way in which this application or web service works is pretty simple, just enter the site and where we are asked to place the URL of the Web page where you want to download the file or files that interest us and the service will do its . No registration is required but can be done to access all the benefits and depend on our own decision.