The Cowon X7, PMP, officially announced

It's amazing how long it took to become an officer in the availability of the Cowon X7, a new PMP. He told you about a few months ago, but in the distant year 2007, which started the rumors about its existence. Now, its creators, as officially announced and already we can give you complete information and contrasted.

This portable media player is made by that Cowon and has a maximum 160GB hard disk storage space.


Its screen is 4.3 inch touchscreen, including DivX support, FM radio tuner, Bluetooth, microphone and speakers, TV output, and a 2GB flash memory. A list of supported playback formats can add AVI, WMV, MP3, OGG, WAV and many other less well known. Likewise, among its features and capabilities, features a web browser and RSS reader.

Its battery guarantees use for 103 hours playing music, or 10 hours playing video files. Besides the 160GB model, they go to market in South Korea two versions: 80GB and 120GB, with prices lower. The Cowon X7 160GB will cost around 220 euros to change.