Comparison the tablets , iPad vs vs Galaxy vs Streak Playbook

Unveiled the BlackBerry tablet that will compete directly against the Apple iPad , This tablet is called Playbook . And with this tablet and are 4 different companies that are released to the market this year to try to compete against each other ( IPAD, Playbook , and Galaxy Streak Tab) , and it still lacks several to come.


But as knowing what you buy? Which is better the best? Well, the answer to these questions is very simple , which is what you need from the tablet ? Have camera? Have good resolution ? That is portable ? You have good memory ? So you have to do very well this aspect which is the first thing you know , and then you can take into account the appearance , functionality, and of course the price. As for the characteristics of the equipment and Engadget was commissioned to make a list, comparing these features , so if you plan to buy a tablet but still do not know which , have a look at this table to give you an idea of what you can do with each.