BookDB2 , database books

BookDB2 is a very practical software maintain an inventory or database of our books.

If we are regular readers will come a time when we will meet wondering if you 've read this or that book or magazine. Also, if we have our own books, and we bad custom to provide them, then you might at some point we wonder who has this or that book is missing.

BookDB2 is the solution to all this . Basically BookDB2 offers a database with a program that serves as a graphical interface. In this program we can load all the data of the books we have ( we can even mark them as our own) and those who have read either because they provided to us or because we got in the local library .

In addition , BookDB2Allows us to add all the details of the book we read, as author , publisher, page and section numbers , we can make a synopsis of it if we wish. And he has a record of who we pay one of our books.