BackupURL : Internet Save any web page

Just as they appear daily sites , just as many of them disappear and with them goes much information for any of us can be important, for anyone who is right. On that disappear web sitesHas a simple answer " not profitable " , making it even hand this has nothing to do with the users, who are the ones who are harmed when something important for them ceases to exist.

To avoid this, there backupURL, which is a site that allows us to make a kind of backup Information we do not want to lose, it would be something like the Google cache of a site, in other words " the photocopy that the browser a site guard"But we all know what that copy or cache may change or even disappear or be lost in history.

BackupURLGives us the ability to save the web page that we consider important , in spite of what happens with the website , as we can permanently save the URLIt is best online , it's free and easy to use.