Application to make video calls between any iPhone and Android phones

A few days ago talking about a application to make calls from any phone type Facetime iMovicha call, the problem is that to install on the iPhone was required Jailbreak, Well I found another application that does the same, but does not require Jailbreak, is free and works on both 3G and WiFi and is called Tango Video Calls.

Tango offers free calls between mobile phones with high-quality video over 3G and Wi-Fi, no doubt Tango lets you stay connected and share special moments when they occur.

The main features of Tango are:

  1. Free video calls to friends and family around the world, wherever you are
  2. Call between the iPhone and other smartphones with Android on the 3G network or Wi-Fi
  3. Tango automatically populate your contact list by removing them from the existing list on your phone
  4. You can invite your friends and others via email or text message.
  5. Use the camera front and back of your phone
  6. Simple interface and easy to use