USBFlashCopy , backup flash drives

USBFlashCopy is very interesting. Usually all we always do Backup of our hard drives, but how many times have you heard that we have make backups of our flash drives?

For backups of hard drives will find many programs, but for a USB memory stick ( flash drive) ... so I present to you USBFlashCopy.


The advantage of using USBFlashCopy is that we can protect all data contained in our pen drives, if you get the idea of making a copy - paste the contents of your flash drive ... it is best do not trust it. There are times when you do not copy certain files that are hidden , and that can be disastrous for certain applications.

USBFlashCopy makes an exact image of the pen, given a code (a number coded ) that identifies the contents of each flash drive that we have copied .

Download USBFlashCopy