Less Spam: Create temporary email account

Who of us would like to receive spam in your inbox , I think no . And is that even though we are cautious, the spam is sent to us .

Today, thanks to the Firefox extension called Less SpamThis will be a thing of the past.
Less Spam allows create a email account temporary or make a comment without the need to give our mail real .

To do this it is very easy, just need the code of our own time and select one of the mail servers that do not require service as YopMail , Humaility or Mailinator and save the changes. For example : asdasd@yopmail.com well be your temporary account.

So if we want to register at a forum, just enough to indicate the mail we and email spam never reached our personal account.

So if you want to forget the annoying spam, do not hesitate to install this extension.