How to remove virus from MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger

Recently , minds dedicated to the creation of viruses have focused their efforts on the messaging client instant from Microsoft.

Fortunately , other minds generous have been to work and have countered with specific programs to remove viruses Messenger.

In this paper we collect several tools to remove viruses from MSN Messenger. Want to know ?

The first utility is MSN Virus Remover. It's in Spanish and maintains its database virus updated. Right now detected 11,675 viruses .

Also, if the virus you had blocked access to the Registry Editor , Task Manager , the settings reset functions or Folder Options , MSN Virus Remover you get it back .


Another interesting option is MSN Virus Cleaner. Analyzes , detects and removes suspicious processes related to MSN Messenger. It also has access to clean file and folder, and to delete the cache and empty the Recycle Bin.

One advantage MSN Virus Cleaner is that detects and removes viruses from other messaging clients like Yahoo Messenger or AOL.


There is also Live Kill Clean Messenger but it seems an abandoned project , the less unfinished. Only recommend it if the previous two have failed to remove the virus you have and do not mind to try his luck with LiveKill Clean Messenger.


We finish with the most popular: MSNCleaner. It's in Spanish , requires no installation , rapid, efficient , safe and easy to use.

As MSN Virus Remover, MSNCleaner also you returns access to the Registry Editor , Task Manager , the settings reset functions or Folder Options. In addition , it also restores the file Hosts ( to keep in mind if you had custom) .msncleaner