Find the meaning of Windows and Mac errors with Goblin Error

When something goes wrong on your computer with Windows or Mac OS X and throws you error messages first thing you have to do is go to the site Error Goblin, which is a site where you can search codes mean error messages, make time I wrote about a similar application called ErrMsg, but Goblin Error I liked it better because it is an application that you download, is a website where you just enter the error code for you to return the cause or meaning.


If your database is any solution will let you know, but sometimes it tells you the solutions, at least you can say exactly what that is your PC, it is certainly a great help to not waste time searching style solutions "trial and error."

Error Goblin is a website, but also has an application for Windows and one for iPhone, if you do a technical support tool you can not miss, unless you know by heart all error codes, currently the site Error Goblin has a database of more than 16.900 error codes.

Link to site Error Goblin (where you can download the program to Windows and iPhone)