Auslogic - Free Windows Task Manager Replacement

Auslogic Task Manager, another free Windows task manager replacement developed by Auslogic for Windows operating system. This alternative task manager can be run as portable application as part of any computer troubleshooting kits. Plus more, Auslogics Task Manager portable file size is around 1.66 Megabytes and easy to fit in on removable storage drive.

Auslogic Task Manager divides the information in the four different sections applications, processes, services and open files. The Auslogic Task manager application and process window uses a showing similar interface that listing the name of the application or process, a security rating, cpu usage, memory and disk utilization, Internet traffic and priority. A left click on any application or process will display the utilization of that specific program or process which can be a great way of finding the resource heavy applications and processes on a system.

Auslogic Task Manager Replacement

Meanwhile, Services view will display the running Windows services again with a security rating, category and path. Open Files will display all files that are currently open in the operating system. It will display name of the file and the application that has locked it. Beside that, the display graphs on bottom show cpu usage, memory usage, disk activity and Internet traffic information. Download Auslogics Task Manager | Portable Version